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Margarita Voyska is an accomplished Woman Grand Master (WGM) with a FIDE Elo rating of 2387. With a remarkable career spanning three decades, Margarita has excelled as a player, coach, and national chess arbiter. Representing the Bulgarian women's national team in 19 Chess Olympiads, her exceptional skills and strategic acumen led her to attain the prestigious title of International Grandmaster in 1986.

Throughout her illustrious journey, Margarita has garnered numerous accolades, including 11 women's champion titles and a notable silver medal at the Thessaloniki Olympics in 1984. Her prowess extended to international events such as the European Team Championships and the Chess Olympiads in Istanbul (2000) and Baku (2016), where she showcased her exceptional talent and competitive spirit.

Beyond her achievements on the chessboard, Margarita's impact as a coach has been profound. Armed with a FIDE Coach Diploma, she has nurtured aspiring players, guiding them to become national champions in Bulgaria. Her commitment to the sport and role as a national chess arbiter exemplify her dedication and influence within the chess community.


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