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Elevate Your Endgame

Elevate Your Endgame

April 13, 2024

Update: The Camp starts on Friday (November 24, 2023) at 8:30 PM IST.

Gear up for a transformative chess learning experience with Grandmaster Krisztian Szabo. In six comprehensive sessions, GM Szabo will delve into the art of endgame, in his Live Camp on Endgame Technique - equipping you with the finesse and skills needed to excel in this decisive phase of the game.

Meet Your Instructor: GM Krisztian Szabo

A tactician at the chessboard, Grandmaster Krisztian Szabo combines competitive excellence with a passion for teaching. Krisztian has worked with notable players including Richard Rapport (current world number 10) and Aryan Chopra, who attained their grandmaster titles at 13 and 14, respectively, and has worked with several International Masters. His career includes six-year stints with grandmasters Peter Leko and Judit Polgar, where he contributed to their professional development.

The Camp Breakdown

Explore GM Szabo's plan for the camp in his own words:

Session 1: Endgame Studies

Dive into endgame studies that will sharpen your calculation skills, learn to anticipate your opponent's plans, and understand the importance of precision in endgame scenarios.

Session 2: Theoretical Rook Endgames

You'll be guided through the subtleties of rook endgames, learning key positions and effective strategies for maneuvering your king and rook to successfully promote pawns.

Session 3: Pawn Endgames

Unlock the secrets of pawn endgame success by mastering the principles of opposition and triangulation, and practice converting pawn advantages into wins through instructive examples.

Session 4: Opposite Colored Bishop Endgames

Discover how to use the bishops to control critical squares, leverage the power of passed pawns, and understand when to push for a win or settle for a draw in opposite-colored bishop endgames.

Session 5: Same Colored Bishop Endgames

Learn to exploit small advantages in same-colored bishop endgames, understand the importance of pawn structure, and develop strategies to convert an extra pawn into a full point.

Session 6: Queen vs. Rook Endgames

Conclude the camp with the complex queen versus rook endgames, explore techniques to limit the rook's mobility, and learn the systematic approach to secure a checkmate with the queen.

Join the Journey to Endgame Excellence

This live chess camp offers a rare opportunity to learn from a top grandmaster and apply your new knowledge directly to your game. Engage in detailed analysis, personal tips from GM Szabo, and practical exercises in a collaborative learning environment.

Enroll Now to take your place in this exhaustive endgame Live Camp with GM Krisztian Szabo.

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