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Titans of the Past

Recording of 52 week course taken by GM Mihail Marin

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Titans of the Past
Mihail Marin

About the Course

Grandmaster Mihail Marin decodes games of some of the legendary players of the past in this 60 hour long recorded course. The focus is on analyzing their games and help learners  implement these techniques in their own games.

Course Content

What are you going to learn?

Game analysis of chess titans, these include:

  1. Rubinstein
  2. Alekhine
  3. Petrosian
  4. Kortchnoi
  5. Steinitz
  6. Morphy
  7. Bronstein
  8. Geller
  9. Anderssen
  10. Capablanca
  11. Karpov
  12. Portisch
  13. Larsen
  14. Kotov
  15. Salov
  16. Andrei Sokolov
  17. Nezhmetdinov
  18. Kholmov
  19. Lasker
  20. Nimzowitsch
  21. Kramnik
  22. Keres
  23. Botvinnik
  24. Smyslov
  25. Spassky
  26. Carlsen
  27. Marin


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