Roaring Forties with GM Tornike Sanikidze

40 hours of 1-1 sessions with GM Tornike Sanikidze

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Roaring Forties with GM Tornike Sanikidze
Tornike Sanikidze

About the Course

The geographically inclined (and the sailors) amongst us have definitely heard of the Roaring Forties. They refer to the strong westerly winds found in the southern hemisphere.

The Roaring Forties helped ships sailing from Europe to the East Indies during the age of sail, and are still  favoured by yachtsmen during voyages.

We envisioned this product as “the wind behind your sails” on your exciting chess voyage!


  1. 40 Hours of 1-1
  2. Personalised Training
  3. Class timings decided mutually
  4. Access to ALL PGNs discussed in class
  5. Access to recordings for 3 months after class (option to extend)
  6. No questions asked, prorated refund for 15 days / 5 classes (whichever is earlier)  

About Coach:

Tornike Sanikidze is Olympiad Gold winning coach from Georgia. Check out his detailed profile at:

Course Content

This is personalised training. The training program is devised in consultation with the coach.