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Dream Room (Beginner)

Chess lessons for someone just starting out, suitable for those who need to learn the rules.

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Dream Room (Beginner)
R B Ramesh

About the Course

nurtr's Chess Dream Room is a cinematized chess course imparting chess wisdom from Grand Master R.B. Ramesh with other celebrated chess players, coaches, parents and mental trainers. All the players, right from beginners to 2500+ rating would find the content extremely useful.

In this course, we have decoded the training journey of chess prodigies like GM Pragg, GM Murali, GM Abhijeet, WIM Divya, WIM Rakshita, and many more.

nurtr's Chess Dream Room has sections for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced players.

Dream Room is a structured roadmap towards being the best  player that you can be.

Course Content

What are you going to learn?

  1. First Thing First
  2. Moving the Pieces
  3. Pawns & Pawns
  4. Castling & The Illegal Moves
  5. The Algebraic Notations & The Chess Clock
  6. Discussions with Parents: Part 1
  7. 3 Stages of Chess
  8. The Attack
  9. The Check
  10. Introduction to Defence
  11. Introduction to Capture
  12. Checkmate & Stalemate
  13. The Basic Checkmates
  14. 1 or 2 Moves Checkmates
  15. Discussions with Parents: Part 2
  16. Different types of Draws
  17. Forcing the Moves
  18. Gain of Material
  19. Double Attack & Defence
  20. Discovered Attack, Discovered Check & Double Check
  21. Discussions with Mental Trainer: Part 1
  22. Tactical Theme Part 1: Pin
  23. Tactical Theme Part 2: Skewer
  24. Tactical Theme Part 3: Decoy & Deflection
  25. Tactical Theme Part 4: Clearance
  26. Tactical Theme Part 5: Fork
  27. Tactical Theme Part 6: Overloading
  28. Tactical Theme Part 7: Back Rank Mate
  29. Discussions with Mental Trainer: Part 2
  30. Thematic Sacrifices Part 1: Bh7
  31. Thematic sacrifice - Part 2: Nf7
  32. Thematic Sacrifices Part 3: Ne6
  33. Thematic Sacrifices Part 4: Bh6
  34. Attacking an Uncastled King
  35. Attacking a Castled King
  36. Discussions with Mental Trainer: Part 3
  37. Opening Principle Part 1
  38. Opening Principle Part 2
  39. Basic Endgames


Lectures of nurtr's Dream Room program are simple to understand and recollect for a kid her age. She is always very eager to solve puzzles and apply the tactics explained in videos.

Parent of Shashini P., India

The best thing about nurtr is cost effective training with Grandmasters and the quality of the content.

Brock, USA

I always wanted one good trainer, but with nurtr you have all the wisdom from best chess trainers.

Justin, Australia